Om, That (Brahman) is infinite, This(Universe too) is infinite. The infinite (Universe) emanates from the infinite(Brahman).  Assimilating the infinitude of the infinite(Universe), the infinite(Brahman) alone is left.

OM, Purnamata purnamitam purnat purnamutachyate, purnasya purnamataye purnamevavasishyate – Bri.Up V.i.1



                                                                         YOU AND I


You and I,

Are same, yet different

We are waves of the same ocean

When we rise, we differ

If not, we are non-dual

I decided to differ, by accepting a form

If not, who identifies me

Nor you or I differ,

But we chose to differ

Many more like you and I,

Chose to differ

In reality,

They are not,

They think they are

And this causes the difference






                                                                                  THE ETERNAL LIGHT


Eternal light –

When seen through a glass,

You appear as the same

When seen through a prism,

You appear as many

You never change,

But the medium ever changes

Unable to grasp,

We conclude you as many

Devoid of ignorance,

When viewed through knowledge

You are seen exactly as you are –

Unable to touch and feel,

Still, in divine glory.





                                                                                         I AM NOT ALONE


I am not alone –

Though I appear to be

I am supported by That,

And surrounded by That

That, no one can see

Where will one search,

When he is on That

Though not realized

It always exists –

Beyond sight, mind and time

When I close like tortoise

I can feel That

When I open up,

I forget That

How unique it would have been,

If I always remember That

Then, I will be known as






                                                                           THAT ALONE EXISTS

If That alone exists,

Then who am I?

If That is indivisible,

Then how can I be a part of That?

If That is non-dual and infinite,

Then how can I be another?

If That is pure,

Then how can I be impure?

If That is unchanging,

Then how can I change?

If That is all-pervading,

Again – who am I?

Maya deludes me –






                                                                     A VALUABLE THOUGHT

He travels on his own path,

Yet, he is ignorant of that

Karma relates him to others,

And separates him too

When everything was about to happen

Time washed it off,

Like the waves taking away the mud houses

He is deluded and torn apart,

By time, karma and guna

Whatever it be – Gain or Loss,

No one is responsible,

But he is ignorant to accept it

He suffered and learned the way out,

But the situation changed –

And never to return again

His learning is not a waste,

It is a treasure – The Wisdom.












                                                                                     KEEP MOVING


Moving –

Always a great exercise

For the body and mind

Move the body,

Else it stagnate the mind

Move the mind,

Else you cannot explore

Move the ideas,

Else you cannot progress

Move the failures,

Else you cannot succeed

Move the life itself,

Else you become old

Never remain idle,

It makes the intellect unworthy

Only one thing cannot be changed,

That is change itself

Do not resist it,

You will be left alone.




                                                                            PRECIOUS GEMS

It is something,

That needs to be explored

That needs to be developed

That needs to be cared for

That needs to be loved

That needs to be pampered

That needs to be polished

That needs to be protected

So much done,

By every successful man

To keep it safe from envy

To keep it safe from harshness

Because only then,

It shines bright even in darkness

He depends on it,

It is his precious gem –

His inborn TALENT




                                                                                          CRUCIAL DECISION

If you think the world is all,

Then learn to rebut

If you feel God is all,

Then learn to ignore the rest

If not both,

You are a slave in the hands of others

If you tie your leg to fear,

Then you move in the direction of fear

Ultimately, you are crushed by fear

If you fail to come up,

In a moment, the world is on you

Then you become a rickshaw,

And every one travels on it

Neither can you drag it, nor can you leave it

That burden is unbearable

Any choice is yours,

Anyway, the decision is crucial




                                                                              A SUCCESSFUL BOAT


I battled for life,

In the middle of the tides

The wind is withering me

High tides are pushing me back

I drifted here and there

The roar of the ocean scared me

The power of the wind bothered me

Left alone,

And unable to find a path,

I accepted every suffering

Suddenly, someone from somewhere,

Began to row me,

As if he knows the path well.

He rowed me through the high tides

He rowed me in the direction of the wind,

But, only to control it.

Till I crossed a point,

Rowing was a challenge for him.

Suddenly, everything seemed peaceful

He left me in the middle, and vanished away

Far away from the chaotic shore

How peaceful it is,

Till I saw, I never imagined a serene ocean

I thanked my Guru,

Who rowed me with the oar of knowledge.

How peaceful it is,

I reached my destination.







                                                                            THE NATURE OF EGO



When you are alone,

You get frustrated

When in group,

You need attention

When at work,

You need appreciation

When someone censure you,

You are agitated

When someone praises you,

You are elevated

When someone ignores you,

You create havoc

When you are with mind,

You always disturb it

You create a mess,

Yet, you are honoured a lot

When I am without you,

I am at peace

But, I cannot,

Because, I am in your grip

When I shrug you off,

I am relieved

How free I am,

Without you – Ego